Frequently Asked Questions & Resources


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We get it. Sometimes doing it yourself is way more fun, right? Browse our FAQs and resource links. Some of the links will take you to other sites. Tax law is always changing. For the most up-to date information check the IRS and state websites.


Is hiring a company like Bottom Line better than hiring someone in-house?

We are great fun to work with! While this may be true, our first step is to determine the exact needs of your business to see if our services are ample enough or if you are in need of a full-time in-house employee.  Most of our clients spend less money outsourcing their bookkeeping and receive the high-level service they desire. However, it is important to analyze what each business wants to achieve both short term and long term to determine their manpower needs.

I already have all the data in the system, why do I need to have my accounts reconciled?  

This should be one of the most important items on your check list!  We can not stress enough how important this step is no matter the size of your business. Regularly reconciling helps to catch and identify problems - any unusual activity that might be caused by fraud or accounting errors - before they get out of hand. Without reconciling, it is easy for transactions to be missed, errors to be made, resulting in possible tax deductions being lost or financial problems to occur.

How long will it take Bottom Line to do the work?

In full disclosure, there is no ‘one size fits all’ answer to this question.  Each account is different.  How long it will take to complete the project depends on the size of the workload, accessibility of supporting documents, communication among the parties, etc.  Once we have expressed our plan of action, we like to hit the ground running!